Summer 2019 was spent learning and growing with Facebook in Seattle, WA.  It was an epic summer that gave me the opportunity to learn so much more about myself and my relationship to design.


I was a part of the Enterprise Engineering team responsible for allowing the "build mindset" to take place throughout the company without hiccups and hinderances along the way. 

Within Enterprise Engineering, I was on a team called People Products that worked on internal platforms to help managers organize the diversity and growth of their teams and allow for ease of internal movement of employees.


  • Led a project from ideation to implementation
  • Hosted whiteboarding ideation sessions
  • Identified a problem and solution
  • Attended and participated in research studies 
  • Produced wireframes, iterations of mock-ups, and usable prototypes for user testing
  • Worked alongside a UX researcher, content strategist, and engineers along with the enterprise design team
  • Participated and presented work in weekly critiques
  • Worked with user interface engineers for implementation
  • Final presentation that summarized my project, experience, and design and personal takeaways
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  • I learned so much about myself and what it means to nourish my passions, motivate my inspiration, and maintain a positive outlook
  • "Best" is subjective, personal, and complicated and it's important to find pride within myself and the growth I accomplished personally
  • There's no point in growing if you can't spread your seeds, so since my internship I have spoken in events in which I talk about discovering what is right for you in a company and discuss imposter syndrome
  • It's important to learn from everyone, and I was so lucky enough to meet dozens of talented engineers, researchers, and scientists over the summer which allowed me to learn from perspectives I wouldn't normally get in school
  • Finding the balance between defending your work, especially as the youngest in the room, and implementing feedback is a valuable skill 
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I’m an enthusiastic multidisciplinary designer who is looking to work
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this spring. I hope to continue learning and growing by collaborating
with seasoned designers. My passions reside in people, technology,
and beautifully designed products.

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